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Leaflets-Distribution.com was created so to provide a professional door to door leaflet delivery solution for service providers within the areas of Woodford Green, South Woodford, Chigwell, Wanstead, Snaresbrook, Loughton, Buckhurst Hill, Chingford, Barkingside and the surrounding areas for Essex and East London post codes.

Our business objective is simple - to provide a quality service at a competitive price. We can deliver your advertising material to residential properties (homes/flats), businesses (shops/commercial premises) and some other options also (including street hand-outs and flyers on vehicles). In addition to these services, we can also offer a printing service at competitive rates (many of our customers ask us to handle the process from start to finish so having us handle the leaflet design, the printing and the door to door deliveries).

What Do We Charge?

Our service provides excellent value with rates starting at just 35.00 per 1,000 leaflets/cards delivered on a shared basis. These rates are ultra competitive when compared with like companies that also offer a quality service. You may find cheaper places to deliver your leaflets but how confident will you be that your advertising material reaches your target audience? Please read the following and we will explain further...

How Can I Be Confident That My Leaflets Are Being Delivered?

We work closely with our people to ensure that they are carrying out the duties that they have been employed to do. We know of too many horror stories when advertisers have used x company for their leaflet deliveries only to receive a call that their printed material has been dumped in a skip or in a local park. This is totally unacceptable and one of the main reasons why this happens is due to leafleting companies not paying their staff a fair wage for what is a demanding job. When carried out correctly, delivering leaflets is not easy and their is nothing worse than not being paid a fair wage for a hard days work. We reward our staff well and this is reflected in the successful advertising campaigns for our clients.

How Many Leaflets Do You Deliver Per House?

This is a question that is often asked to us and for good reason as it`s key to the success of your marketing campaign. We deliver on a Solus and Shared basis. Solus simply means that your leaflet is the only material delivered door to door and not shared with any other leaflets. This type of advertising is our premium service as it means maximum exposure and exclusivity. Our Shared service is our most popular option as it continues to provide excellent exposure at a low cost. We deliver a maximum of 3 other leaflets only (we often include our own that promotes some of our other services). None of the other advertising leaflets will be for a competing service. For example - we would never deliver restaurant take-away leaflets or home improvement leaflets together. This type of marketing ultimately means a reduced response from the recipient due to too many leaflets offering the same product or service. Unfortunately, many of the very cheap leafleting companies operate this way and to make matters worse, they bundle as many as 7 or 8 leaflets through the door together. Unfortunately cheap can really mean a cheap service.

What Type Of Customers Advertise With You?

Currently we are providing leaflet distribution services for the following types of service providers - restaurants and take-away food providers, mini-cab services, rental/letting companies, service providers such as decorators, gardeners, plumbers, builders, cleaning companies, computer technicians and many more. Leaflet distribution is growing yearly and the reason for this is because the advertising works for so many types of business providers. Have some additional questions or would like a quote? Please contact us and we will be happy to help. We can be reached via telephone, email, fax, Twitter and of course - face to face. Please view our contact page for full details or see below:

What Are Your Contact Details?

Please reach us via the following methods:

Email: enquiries@leaflets-distribution.com
Twitter: @EssexLeafleting

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